Belgians PEE on Old Glory & Bush!

Oh, Why Can’t Americans Be More Like the Euros?
Remember all the palaver about Americans causing shame to the rest of the world by our brutish manners and lack of intellect? Is this the way we should behave? “PISS OFF A Belgian novelty shows what the good people of Brussels really think about George W. Bush”. Posting stickers on public toilets with the face of President Bush and an American flag, while our leader is their guest. Are not the Euros supposed to so be oh, so much more cultured and erudite than we Rubes from across the pond? What if the leader of Belgium were a guest of our White House, and people working in the White House were to design such posters in reverse? Of course, we would never do that. Where would they get such ideas that it is proper to do it to our leader? How about here? How do the Democrats feel about people all over Belgium urinating on the American flag? The Belgians replied that they would not behave in such manner if we had elected John Kerry. If this were being done by a group of wackos, I would not be so outraged. However, this insult is coming from the official Belgium government. The person who designed the posters on Belgium government time, is the press spokesman for Belgium’s Vice Prime Minister, who happens to be the official host of our President. If you are a Bush hater, does it bother you that the Belgians are not urinating on President Bush, but they are peeing on you, me and the rest of the citizens of the USA, including our soldiers in harms’ way. How do you feel that they are peeing on OLD GLORY? All Americans, including left-wingers, should be justifiably PISSED OFF!

Belgium Offensive by Powerline


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