The Rove Set Them Up!

LISTEN to Congressman Maurice Hinchey (D-NY) and the Ithaca Moonbats! The legislator said that Carl Rove of the White House set up Dan Rather and CBS by passing off forged documents. I wonder if he knew that the recording ears of Little Green Footballs were there? Where’s the proof? You don’t ask and they don’t tell!

Not all bats are Moonbats. Barking Moonbat‘s blog has an actual big-eared bat mascot at his site in the upper right corner. Once you tickle him with your mouse pointer, you will know that he is your friend.

INDC’s Take on the Moonbats
In case, you are like me and not really sure what is a moonbat, Bill of INDC is also the author of last December’s Dances with Moonbats, which has many snapshots of them and their performances in their unnatural habitat on the Mall. Where? INDC, of course. It is a part of his INDC Science Series.


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